We hearing much about this crucial vitamin, without whom human got sick and lose not only teeth but also the ability to protect the body from various afflictions and diseases. Why human body is desperate without this vitamin?

Main Properties

Vitamin C has two assignments in human organism:
– Provides immune protection
– Stabilize the mental properties
This vitamin is an enemy of all harmful microbes, parasites and viruses. Free radicals, reason for aging, are afraid of this vitamin. These free radicals are powerless against vitamin C. It’s the best tool for saving the life force.

Vitamin C stimulates hormones, neuropeptides and, above all, neurotransmitters (nerve that exciting material) with which to teach all our feelings, all our senses. If in the morning you wake up unhappy and depressed, then it is a signal that your body is not right with biochemistry. Probably your organism lacks vitamin C. For better mood is extremely helpful to drink half a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice immediately after waking or half an hour before breakfast. It’s best to prepare it yourself.
Lemon juice preparation:
Place the lemon in a bowl, pour boiling water and leave for 2 minutes. Cut it in half and squeeze the juice. When the lemon is heated, juice can be extracted more easily.

Lack of Vitamin C

The first sign of lack of vitamin C in your body is bleeding gums, slow wound healing and bruising, frequent colds, proneness to inflammation of the mucous membrane, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, overweight, increased fatigue, early wrinkles less concentration, depression, insomnia, hair loss, deterioration of vision.
Lack of vitamin C in the body should be immediately compensated. It allows the human body to be more resistant in terms of causing disease. Excess vitamin C is excreted from the body. This vitamin is useful in case of varicose veins and hemorrhoid. It strengthens and “smoothes” the walls of blood vessels. Vitamin C means healthy and strong teeth. Increased intake of vitamin C immediately stops gums bleeding. Eating lemon peel kills lips trichomonad – triggers of gum disease.


Vitamin C increases the amount of interferon in the blood. It is immune structure that produces the body of the protein in the case where it appears a dangerous virus. The effect of vitamin C is often similar to the action of interferon. Vitamin C increases the number of antibodies in the blood and stimulates the excretion of hormones of the thymus gland (breast gland) which is a command immune system. Because of all diseases chi causes are different viruses and bacteria, it is necessary in the diet to include lemon.
Vitamin C contained in lemon, strengthens blood vessels, their walls makes them smooth and prevents them to dangerous glued crystals unabsorbed cholesterol and calcium. Narrowing the channels of blood vessels can lead to arteriosclerosis. Vitamin C can cure all blood vessels using biotin, often with vitamin P contained in the lemon.

Oral health

Calcium (which is essential for all bone cells) with help of vitamin C is delivered where it is most necessary, and does not remain on the walls of blood vessels and capillaries. Without vitamin C, calcium would lose half of its beneficial qualities. Calcium + Vitamin C are a duo that can create dentists competition. Vitamin C kills the bacteria that cause cavities, strengthens gums and calcium very well protects the bones of the jaws and teeth.


Lemon is helpful for overweight, because vitamin C provides creation of stress hormones, transforming fats into energy.


Tears contain 30 to 50 times more Vitamin C than blood, and eye also contain very high concentration of immune components. Amending doses of vitamin C by consuming lemon can slow or even prevent the development of cataracts.

Lemon can help with glaucoma. Incredible immunological properties of vitamin C can also help those who suffer from bronchial asthma, whose blood will ascorbic acid. Lemon has very good effect against inflammation. This vitamin can rebuild disunited molecules of vitamin E. Scientists have made an interesting discovery: the center of the fresh wound always begins to collect a large amount of vitamin C that is indispensable in the formation of connective tissue. If the human body receives a sufficient amount of nutrients, especially vitamin C, the skin will be healthy, smooth and supple. Half an hour after drinking the lemon juice, the production of collagen (connective tissue substance) is increased by 6 times. This is why it is necessary to include lemon in the diet after the surgery and during the rehabilitation of the patients.

Mental health

Vitamin C plays a decisive role in the emotional sphere of human; it stimulates the production of hormones that are very important, especially in the process of growing up. Lemon is a great helper for the psychological development of man. Lemon juice, an hour after drank allows appearance of the ingredients that are necessary for functional activity of the brain, primarily control of the nerves of muscles, improve memory and concentration, and encourages good mood. This property is given by an Lemon ingredient, an active bioform of silicon. Vitamin C perfectly stabilizes our mental state. Vitamin C is dissolved in water, and thus excess of this vitamin is excreted from the body. When passing through the kidney filters through mucous bladder, lemon juice has a strong effect against viral infections and against bacteria. By drinking lemon juice, you can cure diseases of the kidneys and bladder. Lemon juice regulates the potential of alkaline acids in the digestive tract, and both levels. If the liver and kidney blood purifier, then Lemon regulates pH environment and creates optimal conditions for their work.

At the end great idea for the hot summer days:

Squeeze the lemon juice, pour it into ice cube tray and freeze it! This is a great way to add a flavor and health to the water, and consume Vitamin C during the hot day. Enjoy!


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